Apart from on-stage live quizzing, we offer the following services.

Design Quizes

Multiple Choice Questions for highly popular TV quiz shows. Organizing quiz workshops for imbuing the quizzing culture wherever required and also with handholding support. Collaborative brand building quiz programmes as a promotional event.

Quantized Quizes

Packaged quiz with Audio-Visual support clips for Institutions, Corporate etc for their in-house programmes which includes even e-quizizng.


Infotainment pot pourri for overworked project teams to help them unwind and boost their flagging morale- comprising dumb-charades, crosswords, teaser quizzes, high octane quizzing etc.

For Specially abled

We are earnest about providing infotainment programmes to institutions for the differently enabled. X Quiz It salutes these bravehearts and would love to reach out to them.

Ready to Start ?


“It was a fantastic experience to get to interact with the great people at Xquizit for our fest, Atharv at IIM Indore. As the head of the B-Quizzing Event, I had a wonderful time organizing the quiz with them, specifically because they were so approachable, proactive, understanding and flexible to our requirements. They put a lot of effort into the research and content creation, which is evident from the questions, slide designs and the in-depth knowledge required to answer them, resulting in a very good quizzing environment.
It was a privilege to associate with them and I'll always look forward to another such opportunity."

- Surjo Sankar Sarkar, Sponsorship Core Member
Atharv'16- IIM Indore

“Working with XquizIt was a memorable experience for our team at Atharv, IIM-Indore. The team at XquizIt comprises of maybe the warmest, most enthusiastic and passionate quizzers ever. I had a wonderful time organizing the quiz with them, specifically because they were so approachable, proactive, understanding and flexible to our requirements.Their energy and innovation is infectious and engages the crowd, quizzers and organizers tremendously. XquizIt works for perfection, with sound research, cross-checking, and quizmasters with meticulous subject knowledge. They are always full of innovative ideas with respect to quizzing and bring a lot of perspective with their knowledge and experience. It was a privilege to associate with them and I'll always look forward to another such opportunity. Quizzing is truly incomplete without them. "

- Utsav Thapliyal, Event Head, Clash of Cults
Pop Culture Quiz, Atharv Fest, IIM Indore

“The quiz questions were spot on, especially designed for our school also with really fun visual rounds.The quizmaster managed to keep people entertained throughout the whole quiz. I would definitely recommend X QUIZ IT to any school looking to run a quiz show. "

- Mrs. Kavita Anand - Senior Faculty, Sankara School - Adyar

“We had partnered with "X Quiz It" for an event and the response was fabulous. A simple, but intriguing set of questions. Kept the audience really engaged. Also easily approachable and nice to work with.

- IFMR Quiz Club

“We are extremely grateful to X quiz It for adding the element of fun and excitement to our online events. The sheer professionalism with which X Quiz It collaborated with Litrosphere is commendable. The entire quiz series was an absolute delight and we thoroughly believe that X quiz it is not far from establishing its credentials as the number 1 quizzing destination!”


“Breaking away from stereotypes, without losing the true essence X Quiz it is defining new age quizzing. It was 2 hours of pure knowledge; the audience was equally enraptured as the participants. Very heartening to see a young team working behind this and carving a niche for themselves. Thank you X Quiz it for quenching our thirst for knowledge.”

- President, Elite Club, MOP Vaishnav

“It was a pleasure working with X Quiz It....  The questions were well researched and of the highest quality. X Quiz It was very professional and was always open to changes to suit our need.”

- Event Coordinator - Quizine (Arcturus 2013), IIM Trichy

“Brain Grade’ 13 was very innovative, creative and of course it was indeed had an exposure for womanhood in the modern era”

- Dr. Meera Gandhi, Professor & HoD, Sathyabama University

“It was an interactive session of quiz and knowledge sharing....... I would definitely recommend X Quiz It to my friends and colleagues. ”

- Event Coordinator, Dr. MGR University

“Their questions blend challenge and fun in perfect proportions—a delight for every quiz aficionado! Their highly professional approach combined with high quality content makes me place X Quiz It at the very top of the current quizzing scene. We look forward to future associations with X Quiz It. ”

- Suhas M, Core Committee Member, IISc Pravega 2014

“Swastika Quiz Finals kept us on the edge of the seats.”

– Aaruush’12 Blog, SRM University