"The wonderful thing about knowledge is that the more we share the richer we get"

We are a super charged, cohesive team passionate about quizzing. Each of us have a role to play and seek to play it to perfection. Our Jam sessions - free flowing, kite flying, ideation sessions – can be unnerving to many. We yell, laugh, howl, even sulk but at the end of it all, come up with results that matter. We believe that quiz is no longer just a bunch of Qs & As. It is a carefully crafted, group specific neuron stretcher with oodles of fun quotient. Infotainment - plain and simple. Hence our leitmotif- “Who… What… When; Knowledge is fun”! Three amigos and together an amalgam to pursue a common passion gave rise to X QUIZ IT.

At the end of it all, the participants, quizzers and the audience are left with the afterglow somewhat akin to the feeling after a roller-coaster ride, albeit an intellectual one.

Our Philosophy

“Who… What… When … Knowledge is fun!”

This is the era of the specialist. Our strength is a well catalogued, multi-dimensional database painstakingly compiled over time. The programme organizers are insistent on tailor-made quizzes to suit their participants. We have constructed many customized quizzes for colleges, B-Schools, Corporates, Training Centres and Academia.

All participants are in the know of things. Unfortunately, only one winner emerges who just happen to know the right answers! Had the searchlight swung a few degrees east or west, the story would have been different.

From the staid buttoned up quizzing style in the past, today quizzes have become snazzy, wacky, slick, and glitzy and in tune with a zeitgeist. Content and Packaging-Both matter.

Meet Our Team

ArvindQuiz Master
"The Quiz Master + Business Development In-Charge (also Company Secretary FYI)! Addicted to quizzing for donkey’s years. Favourite pastimes: meet people, espy new opportunities, networking with diverse groups and making sure everyone has a whale of a time. You'd see this dude all worked up & in the forefront at the quizzing sessions"
"Shravan is a CA and he is our Funds Manager and a penny pincher to boot. On the flipside, he is our presentation expert. We turn to him to jazz up our package using his power-point skills. He innovates and comes up with out of the box ideas."
MaheshStrategic Head
"An effervescent and ebullient quizmaster cum entertainer Who has been high on quizzing for many a year. A Jack of All Trades, But a Master of Fun ."


Ajay Content Research
"A Chartered Accountant who is also a passionate spermologist. A fact factory, his favourite pastime is to read and unearth interesting trivia and is someone who thinks everything around us is a quiz question. He is also a diehard Liverpool fan and a movie fanatic."
A Chartered Accountant and an avid quizzer and musician. Has been a freelance content and research consultant for more than half a decade. Has been associated with Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi. Has been asaociated with noted quiz master Sumanth C Raman since 2014 and has provided content for BSNL Sports Quiz, Tamizhgathin Mastermind conducted All India Radio between 2015-2019 and various other quizzes.